Win-Win Official Rules

Win-Win App Inc. (“Win-Win”) provides a charitable fantasy sports mobile app and a related website located at (collectively "Win-Win Platform")




1. Eligibility

Most Tournaments are open to legal residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who have reached the age of majority in the states of residence. Employees of Win-Win or the Charity of the applicable Tournaments, and members of their immediate families, are not eligible to enter. In addition, while we encourage participation from all users, certain Tournaments or any prizes earned from tournament participation (“Prizes”) may be subject to restrictions that prohibit residents of certain states from participating. It is your responsibility to review any specific restrictions on the use of the Win-Win Platform or receipt of a Prize or entry into a Tournament contained in the specific rules for that Tournament before claiming that Prize or making a charitable donation (“Donation”). YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE A DONATION TO ENTER a tournament, and you are always welcome to submit a Free Mail-in Entry (as defined below). Each Tournament is void where prohibited by law.

2. Tournament Rules

2.1 How To Enter

Entrants (as defined below) may enter a Tournament by completing any of the following methods of entry (each a “Method of Entry”) to earn an entry into their desired active Tournament (each an “Entry” and each person receiving an Entry, an “Entrant”).  All Entries must be received prior to the Tournament Close Time (as defined below), including Free Mail-In Entries and Platform Entries (both defined below):

  • Legibly hand print your complete name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), city, state/province, zip or post/postal code, daytime phone number, age, email address (if available), the name of the specific Tournament that you wish to enter and its associated Charity, and the following statement “I have read and agree to the Win-Win Official Rules” on a GOLD postcard and mail it to: 880 20th St. Oakland, CA 94607 “Attn: Entry Team” by the applicable Tournament Close Time (describing a "Free Mail-in Entry").
  • Visit the Win-Win Platform, register an Account (defined below) and make a Donation to the Tournament you wish to join (“Donate & Play”) and receive an Entry as a thank you for your donation to the Charity associated with the Tournament (describing "Platform Entry"). Donations amount shall vary based on the Tournament Details (defined below)
  • Share links to the Win-Win Platform with your friends via selected social media platforms (if it is included in the Tournament Details) and receive one additional Platform Entry into the applicable Tournament.
  • In all cases, Entry will be subject to Entrant’s Entry Count (as defined below)

2.2 Tournament Date & Entry

  • Generally, Tournaments will be available for Entry no less than seven (7) days prior to the start of the first NFL game on the upcoming Sunday (describing “Tournament Open”).  One (1) hour prior to the start of the first Sunday NFL game, Entries into the Tournament will be suspended and no more Entries will be taken (describing “Tournament Close”).  At the conclusion of the last NFL game the following Monday night, Tournaments will end and all Entrant points will be calculated (describing “Tournament End”).  Once the Tournament End has occurred and all statistics have been confirmed and finalized, Entrants will be notified of their respective Prizes on the Win-Win Platform as well as an email confirmation.  
  • The time between Tournament Close and Tournament End is when Fantasy Points (as defined below) will be generated (describing “Game Play”).
  • The details of a Tournament such as the Platform Entry cost, Tournament Open, Tournament Close, Tournament End, Prizes, Pool Prizes (as defined below), etc (collectively “Tournament Details”) will be made publicly available to all visitors on the Win-Win Platform.

2.3 Rosters

  • Following the Tournament Open and prior to the Tournament Close, Entrants are able to choose from a list of active NFL players to create their fantasy roster of players (“Roster”) within the guidelines of the Roster Requirements (as defined below).  Entrants are able to make changes to their Roster any time prior to the Tournament Close, at which point no other changes will be accepted.  
  • Rosters must consist of nine (9) players.  The Roster of nine (9) positions are: QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, WR3, TE, K, DST (describing “Roster Requirements”)
  • Win-Win uses a 3rd party data provider, FantasyData, for its player salaries.  Please note that player salaries listed are a function of the salary cap fantasy sports contest format and are not intended, as any indication of real-life salary valuations of the individual players.
  • In addition to the Roster salary cap, there are two (2) restrictions governing the mix of players allowed in your Roster for any Tournaments.  
    • You must choose players from a minimum of three (3) different teams
    • You may not choose more than four (4) players from the same team.
    • In either case, the Win-Win Platform will prevent you from saving a Roster that would violate either of these restrictions
  • Entrants will be allowed a maximum of five (5) total Roster Entries

2.4 Auto-Fill Roster

  • The Win-Win Platform includes a feature for Entrants to easily choose their Roster using automation, which generates a nine (9) player Roster meeting all Roster Requirements of the Win-Win Platform (describing “Magic Draft”).  After completion of the Magic Draft, Entrants are able to make individual changes to the players on their Roster until the Tournament Close.  

2.5 Maximum Entries

  • Entrants are allowed to join a Tournament between one (1) and five (5) times, with 5 being the maximum number of entries per individual Tournament (describing “Maximum Entries”).  Each Entry must be made using one of the described Methods of Entry. Each Entry made allows the Entrant to submit a new and separate Roster, following the same Roster Requirements
  • Each new Roster is assigned to a different Micro-Pool (as described below) and the Entrant will be competing for the Tournament Prizes within the different Micro-Pools, with separate Rosters. Entrants are able to choose different players for each of their Rosters or can duplicate the same Roster.

3 Game Play

3.1 Scoring

  • During Game Play, Entrants will earn points based on the real-life game play of the athlete’s on Entrant’s Roster (“Fantasy Points”).
  • Offensive Fantasy Points
    • Rushing yards made = 0.1pts
    • Rushing touchdowns = 6pts
    • Passing yards = 0.04pts
    • Passing touchdowns = 4pts
    • Interceptions = -1pt
    • Receiving yards = 0.1pts
    • Receiving touchdowns = 6pts
    • Receptions = 0.5pts
    • Kickoff return touchdowns = 6pts
    • Punt return touchdowns = 6pts
    • Fumbles lost = -2pts
    • Own fumbles recovered touchdowns = 6pts
    • Two-point conversions scored = 2pts
    • Two-point conversion passes = 2pts
    • Field-goals from 0-19 yards = 3pts
    • Field-goals from 20-29 yards = 3pts
    • Field-goals from 30-39 yards = 3pts
    • Field-goals from 40-49 yards = 4pts
    • Field-goals from 50+ yards = 5pts
    • Extra-point conversions = 1pt
  • Defensive Fantasy Points
    • Sacks = 1pt
    • Opponent-fumbles recovered = 2pts
    • Return touchdowns = 6pts
    • Extra Point Return = 2pts
    • Safeties = 2pts
    • Blocked Punt/Kick = 2pts
    • Interceptions made = 2pts
    • 0 points allowed = 10pts
    • 7-13 points allowed = 4pts
    • 14-20 points allowed = 1pt
    • 28-34 points allowed = -1pt
    • 35+ points allowed = -4pts
      • Notes: For purposes of Win-Win Platform defensive scoring, points allowed are calculated as: 6 * (Rushing TD + Receiving TD + Own fumbles recovered for TD) + 2 * (Two point conversions) + Extra points + 3 * (Field Goals)
  • During Game Play, Win-Win receives live scoring updates through a third-party data provider, FantasyData.  At Tournament End, FantasyData provides Win-Win with a final box score for the game.  Once the box scores for all games played during Game Play are received and confirmed, Entrants are notified of their prize.
  • In the event that official NFL scorers issue a stat-correction after the Tournament End and Entrant’s Fantasy Points and Prizes have been finalized, Win-Win will not update Entrant scores or ranking to reflect stat-correction.  However, if a correction needs to be made after Tournament End due to a technical malfunction with the data feed or the finalization process, while extremely rare, the finalization process may be reversed and redone correctly.  In any case, the Donation paid as part of the Platform Entry will not be reversed.

3.2 Micro-Pools

  • After an Entrant as successfully submitted a Roster, approximately two (2) hours prior to the Tournament Open Entrants will be matched alongside nine (9) other Entrants from the total number of Entrants within the Tournament (“Total Entrants”).  The smaller group will be a total of ten (10) Entrants (“Micro-Pool”).
  • Once Game Play has begun, Entrants will receive real-time updates of their score, based on their Fantasy Point total, and how they rank amongst the other Entrants in the Micro-Pool.  
  • Micro-Pools competitions include various opportunities to accrue additional Fantasy Points, not determined by the real-life game play of Entrant’s Roster (describing “Point Accelerators”).  Additionally, Micro-Pool competitions may provide Entrants an opportunity to win dedicated, pre-determined prizes made available by Win-Win and its Tournament sponsors (describing “Pool Prizes”).  The Pool Prizes will vary by Tournament and in some cases will not be available.
  • During Game Play within Micro-Pools, Entrants will be able to earn Point Accelerators by ranking within the top three (3) slots, out of the ten (10) total slots, on the Micro-Pool Leaderboard.
    • Standard Point Accelerator outcomes:
      • 1st place Entrant automatically earns the sum total of all other Entrants within the Micro-Pool
      • 2nd place Entrant automatically earns the sum total of Entrants ranked in slots five (5) through ten (10) within the Micro-Pool
      • 3rd place Entrant automatically earns the sum total of Entrants ranked in slots eight (8) through (10) within the Micro-Pool
    • It could be the case that, on any given week, for specific Tournaments, there will be a different variation of the Point Accelerator and it will be explicitly described within the Tournament Details
  • Once an Entrant is assigned to a Micro-Pool they can use the group chat function that allows for real-time communication amongst the Micro-Pool Entrants (describing “Chat Feature”).  When using the Chat Feature, Entrants will be responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that is within the guidelines of Entrant Behavior (as defined below).  If an Entrant does not comply with Entrant Behavior they will be subject to Account Suspension (as defined below).

4 Prizes

4.1 Prize Tiers

  • Win-Win offers Entrants an opportunity to compete for a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, as well as apparel and service products from its sponsors. Prizes are categorized into four (4) tiers: “Epic”, “Ultimate”, “Amazing”, “Cool” (“Prize Tiers”).  Entrants are eligible for Prizes on the Win-Win Platform based on the Prize Tier in which they rank. Entrant ranking is determined by their Fantasy Points generated during Game Play for reach Tournament.
  • Entrants who win an “Epic” Prize may be subject to a background check before the Prize is awarded. Win-Win reserves the right to disqualify a potential winner based on the results of such background check if Win-Win determines, in its discretion, that awarding the prize to such potential winner might reflect negatively on Win-Win and its partners.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred or substituted, except by Win-Win in its sole discretion. Win-Win reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. All federal state and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner

4.2 Prize Fulfillment

  • Prizes offered may vary by Tournament and thus the fulfillment details of the Prizes will differ.  Entrants can find more information about the fulfillment of Prizes within the Prize Detail section for each Tournament.  
  • Any travel included in a Prize must be completed on dates specified by Win-Win and all airfare will be coach class unless otherwise specified and hotel accommodations will be standard class, unless otherwise specified.  Any meetings with professional athletes and celebrities will be subject to applicable security and background check rules.  In the event that a winner is able to bring a guest, the winner and guest must travel on the same itinerary (on dates specified by Win-Win, which may be subject to change) and are solely responsible for obtaining proper documentation (e.g., valid photo ID) prior to travel.
  • In the event a Prize winner and/or his or her guest engage in behavior that (as determined by Win-Win in its sole discretion) is obnoxious or threatening, illegal or that is intended to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person, Win-Win reserves the right to terminate the trip or other applicable experience, in whole or in part, and send “Epic” prize winner and/or his or her guest home with no further compensation. If the pro athlete or celebrity associated with the Tournament and Prize is unable to meet with the winner, winner will receive the remainder of the trip package without additional compensation. The winner’s guest must be of legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction of residence, unless the guest is the child or legal ward of the winner, or otherwise approved by the Win-Win. Win-Win reserves the right to provide ground transportation in the event a winner lives within a two hundred (200) mile radius of the site where the Prize is to be performed.

5 General

  • By entering a Tournament, Entrants grant Win-Win and their partners the right, unless prohibited by law, to use their names, nicknames, cities and states of residences, voices, pictures and likenesses, without compensation, notification or approval, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing the goods and services of the Win-Win Platform and all matters related to its Tournaments, in any manner or medium, now or hereafter known, throughout the world in perpetuity.
  • Prize winners may be required to execute an affidavit of eligibility, liability release, tax acknowledgment form, and, except where prohibited by law, a publicity release and return within three (3) business days of notification. Noncompliance within this time period or failure of potential winner to respond to a notification attempt within three (3) days of such attempt may result in disqualification and, in Win-Win’s discretion, an alternate winner may be selected. Such potential winner may be disqualified and the Entrant with the next highest scoring total may be selected as a potential winner in Win-Win’s discretion if a potential winner fails to comply with any of the Official Rules. Win-Win expressly disclaim any responsibility and Entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Win-Win from and against any and all claims, actions, demands and/or liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever relating to or arising in connection with participation in a Tournament (regardless of the cause of such injury, damage or loss). 

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